Interview with Deborah H. Bateman

Deborah H. Bateman is a Best Selling Christian Author on Amazon. She is a self-publisher, blogger, and website designer. Deborah is the Founder of Christian Daily Resources a Christian Online Ministry. Deborah is dedicated to “Sharing God’s Word” and empowering others to share their message.

 Welcome Deborah, What is your most recent book?

My most recent book is “The Book of Ezra: A Story of Provision and Protection.” It is a Daily-Bible-Reading Study of the book of Ezra. It is a great story about the building of the Second Temple at Jerusalem and how God provides and protects His children.

 What is your passion?

My passion is “Sharing God’s Word” with the world. I love studying the Bible and sharing it with others. I also enjoy writing, publishing, working on the computer and learning new things and sharing what I learn with others. Maybe I should have been a teacher.

 What do you hope to accomplish by doing this?

I hope to help others develop a close, personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. I also hope that by sharing some of the things I have learned through publishing my books I can empower others share their message.

What other books have you published?

The first book I published was The Book of Ruth: A Story of Love and Redemption. The second book I published was The Book of Esther: A Story of Love and Redemption. The third book is Beatitudes: How to Live a Blessed Life. The fourth book is Finding Our Identity in Christ. The fifth book is The Book of Ezra: A Story of Provision and Protection. The sixth book is in the process of being published now and may be out by the time you read this interview or shortly thereafter. It is called Self-Publishing Simplified: How to Publish a Book on Kindle

How did you get started writing?

I got involved in a Christian Online Business Coaching Program a few years ago. I started learning how to build websites and blogs among other things. I had been sharing Bible verses with my friends on Facebook. One thing led to another. I first built Christian Daily Resources website to help encourage people in the Lord through music, books, poems, prayers, etc. I didn’t realize at the time that Christian Daily Resources would become the name of my ministry and be the publisher of my books.

Then, I started the Daily-Bible-Reading blog and after about a year of blogging I became interested in publishing my Bible studies. I took an eBook course and learned how to publish my Bible studies as eBooks. The rest is history.

What else do you like doing besides writing?

I like to cook, not as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it when I have time. I like doing crafts. I also enjoy interior decorating. I like coordinating colors and helping people pick out decor for their houses. In fact, at one time, I thought Interior Decorating might be my new career after losing my job due to a surplus situation, after twenty-two years’ service. But, God had other things in mind for me. Every time I would try to go to work something would happen to stop the process.

What are you working on now?

The book I have been working on for a while and finally finished this month, in fact it is being edited now, is my first book about publishing and is called Self-Publishing Simplified: How to Publish a Book on Kindle. It tells a little bit about my journey of publishing my books, but is more about how to publish a book on Kindle and how to promote your book once it is published.

 Where can people get your books?

My books are available on Amazon. If you go to my author page you will see all of my books listed there at


How can people connect with you?

Here are some places people can connect with me. I love getting to know new people and am constantly looking for new ways to connect with readers and others.

Author site:

Website: Christian Daily Resources at

Blog: Daily-Bible-Reading at

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Accountability: Two are Better Than One

Have you ever had an accountability partner?  I recently contacted another author about being my writing accountability partner.  We have a private Facebook group where we post our writing goals each week.  This does two things:  first it forces me to write out my goals and secondly it provides motivation as I know I will have to ‘fess up to her if I fail to accomplish the goals I have set.  This accountability relationship has helped me accomplish more in my writing – what God has laid on my heart to share with others.  Therefore, it has been well worth it!

Two Are Better Than One

 The Bible says it this way, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up…Though one may be overpowered,  two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)  This scripture is often used to describe a marriage relationship.  However, I also believe it can be applied to an accountability partner.  For example, if I fail to meet my goals, I know that my accountability partner will encourage me, help me get back on track and pray for me.

Isolation:  One Tactic From the Enemy

As Christians, I believe we are vulnerable to our enemy, Satan, when we are isolated from each other.  There is power in meeting together and praying together.  I found this to be true in the year 2000 when I was struggling with a secret sin.  The longer this sin was a secret and I was dealing with it alone, the more power it seemed to hold over me.  The shame I felt over this sin also fed my secrecy.   It was a vicious cycle in which I got caught.

You see, as a Christian married woman, I struggled with pornography.  I could not believe it and yet I could not stop.  “Wasn’t this just a guy’s problem?” I thought to myself.  I felt that I was the only woman to ever struggle with this particular sin.

My Breaking Point

And yet I reached a breaking point where I was desperate to change.  One part of my healing process was meeting each week with an accountability and prayer partner.  I know that God provided this accountability partner for me as she was someone I could trust to not share the details of my life with others, show me grace and yet also ask me the hard questions.  I firmly believe that some of her prayers got me through that dark season of my life.

How About You?

Could you benefit from accountability in an area of your life?  If so, I encourage you to pray about it and ask God to provide an accountability partner for you.   And then take the step to approach that person and ask them to start meeting with you to share honestly with each and pray together.  There is power in meeting together as believers in Christ!

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18:20

Shelley Hitz has been ministering alongside her husband, CJ, since 1998. They currently travel and speak to teens and adults around the country. Shelley’s main passion is to share God’s truth and the freedom in Christ she has found with others. She does this through her books, websites and speaking engagements.  Shelley’s openness and vulnerability, as she shares her own story of hope and healing, will inspire and encourage you.

Shelley has been writing and publishing books since 2008 including the book she co-authored with S’ambrosia Curtis, “A Christian Woman’s Guide to Breaking Free From Pornography:  It’s Not Just a Guy’s Problem.”  During their book launch on 9/26/12 – 9/27/12, you can download a free Kindle copy and also enter to win over $400 worth of resources.  Find out more at

Freefalling: How 24/7 Prayer Changed My Life.

By Chana Keefer
I remember my first 24/7 Prayer experience.  I had signed up for a crazy hour, like 2 a.m, and I took  my then-8-yr-old son with me.  When we stepped into the black light-bathed room with fluorescent expressions of people’s heart’s cry  to God splashed all over the papered walls, my son exclaimed, “This is  the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” and proceeded to dive in adding to  the wall décor,
writing in a journal, picking out some worship music and  just generally soaking in some of the many unique ways we can connect  with God.
That Prayer Room still resonates in our lives, a plink of a pebble in  water that brought monster waves.  I can truly say most of the good  things in our lives are a direct result of that encounter.
When our Tulsa church’s one week of scheduled Prayer Room turned into  five, the church leaders hardly knew how or if to bring it to a close.   One night, my hubby and some of his percussionist pals decided to meet  in the Prayer Room—with drums in tow.  That innocent step into uncharted  territory was pivotal.  A few of them began to play while another  wandered the room, stopping
to read aloud various prayers from the  walls.
The beat would ebb and flow with the emotion of the prayers  until… their hour was up… and they were blinking in
astonishment at each  other saying, “What just happened?”
That coming weekend, the church leaders decided to use this unique  style of worship/prayer/percussion in the services as closure to our  five weeks of prayer.  A few of us actor types recited several of the  representative prayers
while the percussion flowed, interspersed with  worship music—and some of the most powerful connection with Father God  we had ever experienced. It was freeing.  It was vibrant.  And we honestly had no clue about  the spiritual comet we had just grasped.  Within weeks, Mark and I were  discussing the tug in our hearts toward moving to California.  Not long  after, he and his
percussion crew were receiving invitations from 24/7  Prayer events all over the world.  They called themselves “Tribe” and have since traveled to Spain, London and other points around the globe.
In the summer of 2004, Mark returned from a Tribe excursion with a  new book penned by Pete Greig, founder of the 24/7 Prayer movement,  titled “Red Moon Rising.”   More spiritual tsunami waves rolled as we soaked in this revival-in-paperback two, three, four times, then purchased copies, ten  at a time, to pass out to friends and family.  All the stories about  prayer convinced me it was time to put some discipline behind my prayer  passion and actually… pray—an hour a day, every day, first thing out of  the sack.  I had
prayed through the years, but had never been good at  doing it regularly, even habitually.  Therefore, amped up by Red Moon’s  spiritual adrenalin, I began the daily quest.
I’m not sure what I expected, but the experience was… not what I  expected.  It was kinda hard to get out of bed.  God was present, but  fairly silent.  There were no bells and whistles, just a conviction that  I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months.  I was still praying, but  much of the time, admittedly, I was fuming—“God, is this what You lived,  died and rose from the dead to give?  An IV-drip of spiritual power?   I’m needing a flood here!”
Soon frustration and anger became desperation.  “God, please.  Where  are You? Is this all I have to offer?  Why would I invite others if  this is what they’ll get, frustration and barely enough faith to keep  breathing?”  A lot of salt water poured and I’d get up from my prayer  convinced that I didn’t have a clue about prayer.
What was going on?  In retrospect, I can see my misconceptions of  prayer were burning away.  Picture old birds’ nests clogging a chimney.   Turn up the heat—get choked by smoke.  I still had this impression that  the way to get prayer answered was to beg God into agreement with MY  plan.  I would never have admitted that fact out loud, but such was the  case—my heavenly ATM machine—push
the right buttons, put in “the code”  and out comes my request. “But God, I want to help set up 24/7 Prayer rooms all across  Hollywood.  That’s a good thing, right?  What could be more important?”
But I was at a particularly desperate time in life and there was  nowhere else to turn.  I HAD to knock and keep knocking.  But think what  a statement of true faith that is.  Why would I knock and keep  knocking?  Because I was convinced someone was home.  I knew someone was  listening.  Someone very patient. A full year into the prayer journey (yes, I’m just that stubborn) I  had a very fun, narrative dream.  In the coming days, the story lingered  and grew in my mind until I had the basic premise, plot points and even  surprise ending of a fascinating love story.  Soon, I was spending  every spare minute—and not so spare—sitting at our kitchen computer as I  attempted to do the story justice. Even a month of adrenalin-induced  sleep deprivation didn’t do the trick.  Each
day began with face-time on  our closet floor where the flow would start, I would soak in God’s  presence, then write my heart out.  Ten months later, the first draft  was complete.  It was rambling, had too many adverbs and trite dialogue,  but my loyal eldest son pronounced it “as good as Harry Potter… in it’s  own way.” I was blissfully ignorant of the impact of Internet sales on  traditional
publishing and the uphill battle every first-time author  must face, but my love affair with the written word—especially with  connecting to God’s flow as I wrote—surpassed the fulfillment I had  experienced in singing, acting and other
arts.  And prayer was the  catalyst. Then in 2007, a full three years into daily prayer, God stopped me in my tracks
by whispering to my heart, “What do you want?”
Three years before I would have had plenty of answers to that  question.  In 2007, all I could do was cry… until I realized, the pure,  overwhelming, fulfilling, scalding love didn’t fit with some of what I  believed about God.  And this. Was. God.  No doubt.  Therefore, I needed  answers. That’s what I ended up asking for. The ramifications of that morning tore me up, stripped faith to the bone and
shoved it into freefall mode. I’m still falling.  His love is deep. Now there’s one novel published, several more in various stages, an  exciting sequel in the works, the opportunity to write the biography of  an amazing missionary pioneer—and constant forays outside my comfort  zone that keep me desperate for time with God.
With this week’s 24/7 Prayer Room, I’m back to where it all started—a  simple room set up for one purpose—to connect God with His children.   And trust me, there’s no room, no box, that can contain Him. Get hold of the book “Red Moon Rising.”  Get alone with God.  Knock and keep on knocking. I double-dog dare you.
Chana Keefer is the sister, daughter, and granddaughter of pastors.
Her fresh perspective stems from a background in journalism,
missions, acting, and writing for print and live theater. Her favorite
things are God, family, and the written word but she also breaks for
chocolate, old barns, and people who live passionately. She and her family reside
in southern California.


Chana Keefer–author of THE FALL (Rapha Chronicles #1)
FB: The Rapha Chronicles
BOOK TRAILER for THE FALL (Rapha Chronicles #1) :

I Write Because I’m Happy

Sitting in the van as the family drives from Wyoming to North Carolina gives a young a girl a LOT of time to pass.  When I was really little, before the time of laptops and iPads I would read, play car games or stare outside. As I grew older and technology changed I began to write to pass the time. I spent a plethora of happy hours creating stories on the family laptop. One of the joys of my childhood was having a car charger for the laptop so I could type as long as I was in the car.

As I’ve become an adult I’ve become even more in loving with writing. I find it a joy to put words on a page and craft a story, and crafting it is. Creating a story (be it fiction or non-fiction) that will appeal to an audience is not an easy task. Each writer will go about this task just a little bit differently. Some authors create storyboards, some authors use an outline, and some authors just sit and type and see what emerges and once a general concept is on the page, a more delicate approach can be taken to get from point A to point C.

I think that I am somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I love to free write and just see what emerges, but I do a controlled free write. I start with a basic storyline and the message that I want my readers to grasp at the end. I do a lot of research in the beginning so as I write the details are true to life, but as I’m writing I will do more research and talk to professionals.

Many authors will tell you to write about what you know. If you are a gardener, make your main character a gardener. If you are a pastor’s wife, write about that, if you are a pediatrician write about pediatrics. There is a lot of wisdom in that advice, but I not only write for my audience, I write for myself.

I write to stretch myself, to learn about a new subject, to experience something that I will never actually experience.  I write because I love escape into another world and tell a story. I write because I get incredible joy out of it. I write for the same reason that an artist paints or a singer sings. I write because it is fun, challenging, lets me be creative, passes the time and gives me something to share with others. I love to write stories for my husband and daughter. I write because I can’t imagine not writing. I write because I’m happy, I write because I’m free!


I’m Jessie Lee the author of {the soon to be released} Joyfully After All: My Journey from Rape Victim to God’s Princess. I grew up in the wild west of Wyoming and now I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my handsome husband and our adorable 8 month old daughter.  I spend my days playing with our daughter, taking care of the house, volunteering with a variety of church events/groups and writing. You can find me on Facebook under: Joyfully After All or on my blog:


We don’t know what we want.

by Mikayla Kayne

Yesterday my son asked me about heaven.  He said if it’s true that in Heaven we will have the desires of our hearts; what if the desire of his heart is to be with us (assuming we were not yet dead).  He wanted to know if God would “bring us” to heaven to fulfill his desire.

This was the answer God laid on my heart to give him.

Yes, in Heaven we will have the desire of our hearts.  But what is that?  We as humans think that we know what we want.  We go after goals and acquire things – education, love, wealth.  We often say “when I get ____, then I will be happy.”  Only to find that once our goal is reached, the happiness is short-lived.  We then set new goals or develop new wants, thinking again that once we attain them then we will be happy.

The truth is, true joy is found when we learn what the desire of our heart really is.  God made each of us with a built in desire to have a relationship with Him. To worship Him.  Believers and non-believers alike have the exact same desire, and no matter what earthly thing we try to substitute, nothing brings us true joy.

The people on this earth who have the most joyful hearts may not be rich by the world’s standards, but they have learned this secret – that their relationship with their Heavenly Father and spending much time in worship of Him is far more valuable and brings them lasting joy and happiness.

So in Heaven, we will surely have the desire of our hearts.  We will have all the time left in eternity to have fellowship with Him, and we will live in a state of constant worship.

Mikayla Kayne enjoys writing and performing with her husband Gregory, homeschooling their three sons, and encouraging others. She spent fifteen years in marketing and advertising before choosing to be a stay at home mom and discovered her love of writing and teaching.




If you’re looking to lose weight and just can’t seem to stay motivated, try using the Women’s Health Plan Diary by Mikayla Kayne to keep you on track and celebrating every milestone.

An Ode to the Hopeless Romantic

By Suzanne Williams

I am becoming a hopeless romantic, and I thought that’d never happen to me. You see, I am the girl who watches all the guy movies, the ones with car chases and explosions, gory battle scenes where heads get lopped off. I’m the one who says, “I love that!” when at the end of the movie the good guy decimates the bad guy entirely.

Chick flick? Puh-lease. You can’t get me to watch them. What’s the purpose of a movie where the entire plot is “Will he get with her or not?” No, I need action. I want to be on the edge of my seat, gripping the couch cushion. Well, to a point. There was this one movie where the good guy just couldn’t get his act together until the last scene. I didn’t care for that so much. But I think you get my point.

Yet here I am a year into writing fiction and I, lover of suspense and action, am writing romance novels. Whodathunkit? It’s funny really because it fell in my lap all at once, and I truthfully didn’t see it coming. I had this idea for a novel with a war theme. I ran it by a friend who said, “Write it.” Trouble was it had a distinctly romance theme, and I didn’t know beans about writing romance. For that matter, I didn’t know beans about writing fiction. Two chapters into the story that became painfully evident.

So I did what I always do when up against a wall, I began to study. Now, there are two forms of study a writer does. The first is reading articles on how to write. I’ve read tons of those and have bookmarked them all for future reference. The second form is reading. Reading is by far one of the most important things any writer can do to learn their craft. And not simply reading the good novels, but also the bad ones. Of course, you don’t know until you begin to read it if it’s good or bad, but it’s in the reading you start to see story structure, plot  lines, and all the nuances of what works or fails more clearly.

One of the worst books I read taught me the most about what not to do. The further into it I got the more I knew what I wanted to avoid in my own writing. Another book I read more recently partially succeeded. It had a great storyline and believable characters. However, the author made some minor mistakes that if corrected would have greatly improved the story. I learned from that book as well. But I think the best thing about reading is when I find a real gem. That’s the book I would never have read except I wanted to know if the author could pull it off.

My most recent gem is “Descended” by Dana Pratola. I’ve never been a paranormal romance fan. There’s something weird about semi-human/supernatural beings falling in love when I still struggle with the “falling in love” part in humans alone. Yet she did something in this novel that I was not expecting. She made me believe. I was sucked in from page one and believed every word she’d written. This despite my brain’s need for facts and truth (I’m a history nut). Somehow through her words, I threw out all my concrete knowledge of life and said, “Yeah, this could happen. I can see it.”

I asked myself afterward why that was. What did she do that other authors had failed to do? And the answer came down to two things. One, she made paranormal romance Christian, clean, and morally right. I didn’t think that was possible. Two, the attraction between the characters was as much physical as it was in their heart. I have a distinct problem with romance novels where “he” is looking for a “wife” as if she’s a vase of flowers.

And while I’m on the subject, I also have a problem with a romance novel where the physical overtakes what’s in the heart. Now, I’m sorry folks, but sex (yes, I said the “s” word) is not the end all in a relationship. As a Christian, love and marriage, commitment and the uniting of two hearts, comes first. There isn’t any other way to write a good romance novel because the physical soon fades away, and then you’re left with what?

I’m enjoying my foray into fiction – loving it, in fact – and I like to think it’s making me a more well-rounded writer because I know now what I like to write about and how I like to write it. I can write it better, and I understand what I’m doing more often than not. I’ve also made great writer friends, met some wonderful, supportive readers, and expanded my bookshelves incredibly. But most of all, I’ve become a hopeless romantic. I see now the value of, “Will he get with her?” And to me that’s worth more than words.

But don’t expect me to give up my action movies.

MISSING. The story of three generations of one family tied together through love, loss, and war.

Adele Davis’ husband, John, went missing in action in Vietnam. Five years later, she meets Stephen Sanders and falls in love. Yet should love again? Or does she dishonor her husband’s memory?

Amos and Elizabeth Sanders’ son, Andrew, left home to fight with the Union Army in the Civil War. But he never returned. A strange series of events returns him to them along with something far greater.

Doug and Molly Sanders both have secrets. What happened to him when he parachuted into France on D-Day? And what happened to her? Will their secrets destroy them both?



We humans are not necessarily the smartest of God’s creations even though we think we are! We seem to go out of our way to hurt ourselves in so many different creative ways. At one time or another most of us end up in a dark alley of our own making through our own bad choices and actions. And sometimes other people put us in those alleys or at least lead the way.

It always seems so dark and so lonely there, but God never abandons us—it only feels that way sometimes.

And that’s what I want readers to take away after reading DARK ALLEYS. No matter what we’ve done, God never stops loving us. He is always there waiting for us to ask for His help. In James 4: 8 it says, Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.” To me that means, God is always there waiting for us.

One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29: 14, I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and will bring you back from captivity. Another way of saying draw close to God and God will draw close to you. Of course, His help may not come in the form we want or expect, but then again His ways are higher than our ways.

The important thing to remember is that God loves us and he won’t abandon us.

DARK ALLEYS is a story about a woman who ends up homeless and alone in a dark alley on a cold winter night. She witnesses a murder while in a drunken stupor and almost becomes his second victim. She awakens in the hospital with no clear memory of how she was injured. She attempts to put her life back together but, of course, the murderer has other plans.

I wanted to write a story where the main character was the queen of underdogs and I think I succeeded. Tessa is a mess, just like the rest of us. She could give up and no one could blame her, but she doesn’t. She keeps going—putting one step in front of the other.

And some days that’s all any of us can do.

Those are the days we need to keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

And one step at a time He will lead out of that dark alley and into His light.

Lillian Duncan writes stories of faith mingled with murder & mayhem. She writes the type of books she loves to read—suspense with a touch of romance. Whether as an educator, a writer, or a speech pathologist, she believes in the power of words to transform lives, especially God’s Word.

To learn more about Lillian and her books, visit: She also has a devotional blog at: You can also connect with her on Twitter as @LillianDuncan and on Facebook at


By June Foster

I urge first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. I Timothy 12: 1-4

Sometimes when I pray, I’ll admit I wonder if God is really listening. I’m not getting any immediate feedback, and I get discouraged. But then I read passages in the Bible which tells us God commands us to pray. If He wants us to pray – for our government and for everyone as He says in I Timothy, then He’s hearing us. The all-powerful God has chosen to let us help change the world with our prayers. Amazing thought.

God wants us to intercede for others. It’s like poking holes in the clouds of spiritual darkness and allowing God’s light to shine through. We can poke holes in the dark clouds of irreverence toward God, dishonesty, selfishness, fear, worldliness, you name it. Let’s poke holes in the veil of darkness we see around us.

Maximize Your Book Sales and Exposure by Using Your Free Author Central Account

By Shelley Hitz,

Did you know that Amazon gives you a free tool to help you in your book marketing efforts? I did NOT know about this tool in the first two years of my publishing journey and I wish I had because I know it would have helped me sell more books. What is this free tool? It is called your author central account. You can sign up for your account here: . For each version of Amazon, you will need to sign up for a different author central account (i.e., etc.). I wish they would combine them all into one account, but for now they are separate.


Update Your Book Categories

One of the most powerful things you can do in your author central account is to change your book categories. By changing then to less competitive categories, your book can easily become a #1 bestseller on Amazon. Who doesn’t want their book to become a #1 bestseller?

All you need to do is to research your categories and then contact Amazon via your author central account about the categories you would like changed. There is a contact link at the bottom of the webpage where you can contact them directly. For Kindle books, you need to use the contact link in your KDP account.

The first time I discovered this option and changed categories on one of my books, within a few days the Kindle version became a #1 bestseller for its category!


I was amazed and looked at the book sales. It didn’t actually sell more copies than previously, but it had become a bestseller simply because I chose more relevant and less competitive categories. I show you exactly how to do this in my training “Amazon for Authors” here:



Modify Your Book Description

Another great feature of your amazon author account is the ability to change your book description on Kindle or print books. You can add bold, italics, numbered lists, bullets and more to your description.

Your book description is one way to pre-sell your book to your potential readers, so adding this extra formatting can really help your book stand out from the competition.


Add Reviews to Your Book Sales Page

Along with adding extra formatting to your description, you can also add quotes from your most powerful reviews on your sales page via your author central account. For each book, there is a section that you can add reviews and this will then be published on your Amazon sales page giving you more credibility and catching your potential reader’s attention. You can also format these reviews with bold and italics but don’t go overboard. They will speak for themselves!


Get Help

Finally, through your author central account you can get help and get your questions answered. Their customer service has always been great anytime I have contacted them. You can contact them via phone or e-mail. For phone, they will call you back within a few hours and with e-mail they usually reply within 24 hours.

When I first started using my author central account I had several questions that they were able to answer right away and helped me tremendously. Also, if you notice anything wrong with your sales page let them know. I recently noticed that my entire book description wasn’t showing and there wasn’t a “show more” link. I was getting ready for a big book promotion and contacted them. Within hours it was corrected and I was ready for my promotion.



If you are publishing on Amazon through print books or Kindle eBooks, using your free author central account is one technique that I recommend to all authors. What are you waiting for? Get started now here:

If you want more step-by-step help setting up your author central account, sign up for one of my most popular trainings, “Amazon for Authors” here:




Shelley Hitz is a Christian author and speaker. Her main passion is to share God’s truth and the freedom in Christ she has found with others which she does this through her books, websites and speaking engagements. You can learn more about Shelley’s ministry

Shelley also offers advice to authors including free author tools and templates that you can download here:


Where Wild Flowers Bloom

By Ann Shorey

You’d think by the title that this book would be an easy-read romance, but you’ll be surprised at the mayhem that can surround a mercantile and the young lady who manages the store for her ailing grandfather.

In the first place Faith Lindberg doesn’t want to spend her life stocking shelves, waiting on customers and trying to balance ledgers that are in chaos. She wants to make enough money to pay passage to Oregon and perhaps marry Royal Baxter when he returns from the war.

Yet, it seems every day something happens. Grandpa gets lost on his way to the store. Good thing Curt Saxon, the stableman, comes to the rescue.

It seems Curt, who carries a long jagged scar on his neck from the war is always there when crises occur.

Could Faith, with her grand goals and drams fall for a scarred stableman? Or is he responsible for some of the crimes occurring in town?

This book is not only entertaining, but has enough suspense it kept me reading into the night. I recommend it.

Note: I was given a review copy of the book by the publisher and author.

— Ada Brownell, author of Swallowed by LIFE

About Ada

Sold 200 articles and stories to 40 religion magazines; Author of Swallowed by LIFE: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal (Amazon, 2011) and Confessions of a Pentecostal (Gospeal Publishing House 1978). Marketing teen novel, Terror Blasters, and just starting to market historical romance, The Belle of Peachville. Her writing is included in “Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers” and “Cup of Comfort for Christians” (Adams Media 2008 and 2006); “What I Learned from God While Cooking,” (edited by Cristine Bolley; Barbour Publishing, 2006); and “50 Tough Questions”, (Pentecostal Evangel Books). Retired as a medical and general assignments reporter for The Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado).

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